Your Partner in
Metal Investments

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Our Clients

Medium sized Investment Funds, Family Offices and Private Investors who plan to invest into tangible commodity assets or physical raw material trading, especially metals, and lack holistic knowledge of the value chain.

We assist in your Due Diligence or co-invest with our time/funds in

  • mining investments or developments,
  • downstream activities (concentration, beneficiaciation, etc.), and/or
  • financing & placement of products in the market

by staffing each of our projects with typically 1-3 professionals who actively participate in the investment decision process providing senior level advice.

In addition we may secure sales via off-take agreements and offer you trade financing.

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Commodity Investment Understanding

We are a boutique with 50 years of metal experience in trading, mining and processing as well as in corporate transactions with a core team of about 25 people.


We understand the financial and risk criteria an investment is based on, manage business plans and monitor performance.

Though we don't consider ourselves to be the specialists in all spheres, we do understand the whole value chain, can evaluate risks/opportunities, access the required support and define a path to joint success.


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Transaction Support

Each project is assessed by our management team first. We will openly declare whether we believe to can or not add significant value to the proposition. If we agree to work together our people become part of the investment and transaction team.


Depending on the projects to be accompanied, experts to be involved include amongst others:

  • Metallurgist

    (chemical compositions, risks, refining, etc.)

  • Physical Commodity Analyst

    (business planning, contracting, small-/medium-scale mining, etc.)

  • Trading expert
    (sales, prices, trends, etc.)

  • Geologist/ Geodesist
    (exploration, evaluation, mapping, etc.)